Woman masturbating with vibrator and edging herself.

This woman is masturbating on her bed. She is clearly edging herself and not letting herself orgasm. You can see and hear how she turns vibrator on and off when she gets too close to cumming. You can also hear her sexy berating and moaning when she is aroused and holding back the orgasm.

Butterfly Effect (From Allison in Wonderland) brought to you by PornHub

Woman’s clit teased with pointy vibrator

This woman’s clit is teased and edged with a pointy vibrator. Her clit is edged a couple times and you can hear her moaning and screaming as she gets close to orgasm but holds it and not lets it happen, and a vibrator is then taken away. At the end of video it’s hard to tell did she actually cum or managed to hold back the orgasm, tell me what you think.