hands free

This girl is masturbating and cumming just by using her mind. And possibly kegels and clit rubbing against her underwear. But she does not uses her hands at all. She gets herself wet and then cums hands free. She was on the edge of orgasm for almost whole video because it is very hard to orgasm without using any stimulation. But she finally menages to bring herself over the edge eventually! You can see her pussy contracting in pleasure!

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Girl teased on edge of orgasm under skirt in public!

Short but very hot video. One of the hottest I’ve ever seen personally. Woman is teased with a vibrating device under her skirt while walking or standing. Teased to the edge of orgasm but not allowed to cum. Imagine something like this only quiet vibrator in public place. It would constantly edge her and she would need to hold orgasm back. She would not be able to stand or walk properly without getting weak in knees and shaking. And what if she would fail to hold orgasm back and would cum in a middle of line at mall or something? I wanna try something like this on my sub once she is trained enough, muhuahaha.